Naomi Lander

Teacher of Flute, Piano, Theory

I am currently training as a Music Therapist at the Royal Northern College of Music and am looking for pupils to help fund the training (alongside my husband's salary) and also because I really enjoy teaching. I am happy to travel to pupils' homes but prefer to teach from my own home, where I am happy for parents to accompany their children or not: I realise that some parents prefer to accompany their children but I always preferred my parents entertaining themselves somewhere else when I was learning.

In 2007 to 2008 I training as a secondary school music teacher with specialist instrumental training, which means that I was also trained in teaching individual and group instrumental lessons to children and young people between 8 and 18 alongside the classroom teaching part of the training. In my private teaching I have taught up from the age of 6. Previous to my PGCE I taught flute and piano (in Durham during my degree and Manchester since then) but I had to stop teaching due to the work load of the training course so I am building up a client list from scratch again.

I really love teaching and take an approach of developing the musician, not just teaching how to play specific things. Specifics obviously become a part of learning an instrument but I believe that learning to improvise and compose, even simple things, support learning how to play pre-composed music. Listening to a wide variety of music is also important to a person's musical development. Those are all elements that I never got while I was learning but I believe I would have become a better musician in a faster space of time had my teachers incorporated those things. Above all I believe that learning should be enjoyable.

Manchester , Greater Manchester

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