Alphabetical Listing Of UK Music Shops

TAF Music - UK Music Shop alphabetical listing

TAF Music is a website to help musicians and parents with their musical needs as well as providing a place to keep second hand and used musical instruments plus printed music in circulation. Please feel free to use the "Musical Instrument" search or the "Printed Music" search on the left to find used musical instruments that are being advertised for sale. If you have a second hand musical instrument or used music to sell, please log in or register to place an ad.

The listing of music shops below is provided as a service to the musical community and is made available without warranty of any kind.

numbers A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  A A Music
  A and C Hamilton
  A B Music Guitar Specialist
  A C Drums (Princess Street Luton)
  A C Drums (Wellington Street Luton)
  A Fowler Music Ltd
  A J's Audio Specialists
  A Major Music Supplies
  A Remus Sound
  A S M Music Rock Shop
  A Tempo Music Ltd
  A Violin Shop
  A.D Paul Crabbe Studio
  AAA Music (Warrington)
  AAC Music (Guildford)
  Aardvark Music
  Abbey Music (Arbroath)
  Abbey Music (Tunbridge Wells)
  Abbey Music Studios
  ABC Music (Benfleet)
  ABC Music (Esher)
  ABC Music (Harborough)
  ABC Music (Harrogate)
  ABC Music (Kew Gardens)
  Absolute Music Solutions
  Academy Music
  Accordion excharge and Music World UK
  Accordions of London
  Ace Acoustics
  Ace Tones Music UK Limited
  Ackerman Music (Chichester)
  Ackerman Music (Crawley)
  Ackerman Music Ltd (Hove)
  Acomb Music
  Acre Music
  Action Express
  Ad-Lib Music
  Adaptatrap Percussion
  Advance Music Ltd
  African Queen
  Aguilera Guitars
  Air Guitars
  Aire Valley Guitars Ltd
  AJs Rock Shack
  Alan G Hopkin Strings
  Alan Gregory Music
  Alan Milner
  Alba Secondhand Music
  Alberts Music Shop
  Alenia's Musicart
  Alison's Musicroom
  All Brass and Woodwind
  All Flutes Plus
  All Instruments Ltd
  Allegro Music (Chelmsford)
  Allegro Music (Colchester)
  Allegro Music (Westcliff On Sea)
  Allegro Music (Worcester)
  Allegro Oxford Ltd
  Allens Music Centre
  Alligator Music
  Allodi Accordions
  Alpha Music and Lighting
  Amen Corner Music
  Andertons Music Co
  Andrea Ortona Violins
  Andrew Hooker Violins
  Andrew May Wind Instrument Repairs Ltd
  Andrew Riley Violins
  Andy Bronson Drums and Percussion
  Andy Manson
  Andy Perkins Traditional Instruments
  Andy Simpson Music Centre
  Andy's Drum Clinic
  Angelsound Guitar Spares and Repairs
  Anglia Drum Centre
  Announcement Audio
  Ant Music
  Antidote Records
  Antone's Guitars
  Apex Music
  Applestone Music Shop
  Approximate Music Ltd
  ARC Verona Music
  Arcade Music
  Arena Music
  Argents Printed Music
  Arietta Music
  Aroundabout Sound
  Art Music
  Associated Music Products
  Audio Repair Shop
  Audio Systems Sola Audio
  Auty's Music
  Avalon Music Ltd
  Axe Music Axminster
  Axe Music Colchester
  Aylesbury Music
  Ayres Violins
  B and T Music
  Babra Musical Instrument and Handcrafts
  Baby John's Guitar World
  Back Alley Music (Chester)
  Back Alley Music (Mold)
  Back Alley Music (Warrington)
  Back Street Guitars
  Bad Dog Music
  Badlands Guitars Ltd
  Bailey Violins
  Baird Hire an Amp
  Baird Sound Systems
  Bakewell Music Shop
  Balaam's Music
  Band Amp Repairs
  Band Supplies Scotland
  Bandland Music Store
  Bandwagon Musical Supplies
  Banks Music
  Bannisters Sound Communications
  Banstead Music Shop
  Barnstaple Music Centre
  Baroque and Roll
  Bass Direct
  Bass Place
  Bass World
  Bath Music Centre Ltd
  Bauer and Hieber Music Ltd
  Bbzguitars Ltd
  Beard Percussion
  Beare and Son Ltd
  Beat N Track
  Beat Street Ltd
  Beats Ahead Music
  Beckett's Music Shop
  Bedrock Music
  Bedrock Music Exchange
  Bedroom Acoustic Music
  Bedroom Music Ltd
  Beecher Acoustics
  Bel Canto
  Belfast Guitar Emporium
  Belfast Music Supplies
  BEM Music
  Bennett s Music
  Berns Drums and Percussion
  Beverley Music Centre Ltd
  Bexley Harpsichord Workshops Ltd
  Bicester Music Centre
  Bideford Bay Guitars
  Big Deal
  Big String Music
  Biggars Music
  Bilham John N Musical Instruments UK
  Bill Greenhalgh
  Bill McNaughton Woodwind
  Billy Bowman Music Centre
  Billy McEwen Organs Ltd
  Birds Music Centre
  Birmingham Drum Centre
  Bishop Instruments and Bows
  Bitz Online Ltd
  Blackburn Guitar Studio
  Blackburn Violins
  Blackwell's Music Shop
  Blowout Sax
  Blue Audio Visual
  Bluemoon Bottleneck Co
  Bolton Guitar Studio
  Bonecat Music
  Booth's Music
  Bootleg Musical Instruments
  Braly Ltd
  Brams Music Store
  Brandons Music Shop
  Brass-Fix UK
  Brewster Music
  Brian Eastwood Guitars
  Brian Grant Strings
  Brian Taylor Music Commercial Road Swindon
  Brian Taylor Music Shop Wootton Bassett Swindon
  Brian Watterson Woodwind Repairs
  Bridge Music Pianos
  Bridge Street Music
  Bridge Street Violins
  Bridgewood and Neitzert
  Brighton Musical Exchange
  bristowbows co uk
  Britannia Music Shop
  Brittens Music Ltd (London)
  Brittens Music Ltd (Tunbridge)
  Brittens Music Ltd (West Byfleet)
  Broadland Music Ltd
  Brown Violins
  Bruce Millers
  Bullfrog Music
  Busy Mole Music
  Buxton Violin Shop
  C Y Music
  Cabaret International Ltd
  Caberfeidh Bagpipe Supplies
  Cadenza Violins
  Cambridge Pianoforte Centre
  Campus Instruments
  Cantata Music
  Carcroft Music Shop
  Cardiff Guitars Ltd
  Cardiff Music
  Cardiff Violins
  Carillon Studios
  Carousel Music
  Carstairs Pianos
  Cash Converters
  Castle Music
  Caswell Violin Accessories
  Celtic Chords Traditional Music Shop
  Celtic Music Corner
  Celtic Music John Street Llanelli
  Celtic Music Stepney Place Llanelli
  Chamberlain Music
  Chandler Guitars
  Chappell Of Bond Street
  Charles Foulds and Son
  Charles Hooper Drum Shop
  Charles Laird Drums
  Charlie Chandler Guitar Experience
  Cheltenham Piano Centre
  Cheltenham Soundhouse
  Cheltenham Violins
  Churchgate Music
  City Music
  City Music
  Clarinet Corner
  Classic Drums
  Classic Violins
  Clevedon Music Shop
  Cliff Owen Music
  Clitheroe Music Ltd
  Clive Morley Harps Ltd
  Coda Music
  Colbecks Merrick Music Ltd
  Colin Jones Woodwind Workshop
  Collectable Corner
  Compton Audio Ltd
  Compton Pianos
  Concorde Music
  Cookes Band Instruments Ltd
  Cookes Pianos
  County Music
  County Music Ltd
  County Music Supplies Ltd (Sabrina Ct Longden Coleham Shrewsbury)
  County Music Supplies Ltd (Wyle Cop Shrewsbury)
  Courtney and Walker
  Courtney Pianos
  Craig's Music
  Cranes Music
  Cranes Musical Instruments (Cardiff)
  Cranes Musical Instruments (Swansea)
  Crazy Train Music
  Creative Music Store
  Creative Tools
  Creighton and Tweedie Ltd
  Cremona House Violin Shop
  Crinson and Gohlmann Guitars and Violins
  Crowthers of Canterbury
  Cue Music
  Curly Woodwind Ltd
  Curzon Music
  Custom Design Guitars
  D J Sounds
  Dan's Music
  danceofdelight com
  Daniel Bristow Violins
  Danny Otterson
  Dapa Music and Dance Ltd
  Darwin's Music
  Dave Allan Music
  Dave Mann Music
  Dave Meg Music
  David J Hallams
  Dawkes Music Ltd (Paignton)
  Dawkes Music Ltd Maidenhead
  Dawsons Music (Altrincham)
  Dawsons Music (Basingstoke)
  Dawsons Music (Chester)
  Dawsons Music (Liverpool)
  Dawsons Music (Manchester)
  Dawsons Music (Reading)
  Dawsons Music (Stockport)
  Dawsons Music (Warrington)
  Dawsons Music Ltd (Bangor)
  Dazamakiz Musical Instrument Shop
  DBM Guitar Centre
  DCR Music
  Dean Pelling Woodwind and Brass
  Deben Music Ltd
  Dennis Todd Music
  Derek Roberts Violins
  Des Grey Entertainments
  Devon Strings Workshop
  Diamond Music
  Dias Guitars
  Digital Village (Barnet)
  Digital Village (Birmingham)
  Digital Village (Bristol)
  Digital Village (Bromells Rd London)
  Digital Village (Cambridge)
  Digital Village (Chesham Close Romford)
  Digital Village (Gunnersbury Lane London)
  Digital Village (High Rd Romford)
  Digital Village (South Croydon)
  Digital Village (Southampton)
  Dingo Jacks
  DJ Warehouse
  DJM Musical Instruments and Hire
  DK Strings
  Doghouse Music
  Dolphin Music (Gateshead)
  Dolphin Music Retail Ltd (Hudderfield)
  Don Mackrills Music stop
  Don Strike
  Dorking Academy Of Performing Arts
  dotdismus com Ltd
  Dr UM
  Dransfield Violins
  Drum and Guitar Centre
  Drum Attic
  Drum Bank Music
  Drum Central (Glasgow)
  Drum Central Ltd (Edinburgh)
  Drum Centre
  Drum n Strum
  Drum Percussion and Drum Outlet
  Drum Shop Glasgow
  Drum Sticks UK
  Drum Stop Ltd
  Drum Store
  Drumbeat Ltd
  Drums Inc
  Drumshack Ltd
  DS Music
  DT's Rock Shop
  Duck Son and Pinker Ltd
  Dudley Music Centre
  Duke of Uke Ltd
  Dulwich Music Shop
  M and G Music
  M and J Healy Violins
  M R Marlow Violins
  Ma Simpsons Music Box
  Mac's Music store (Bletchley)
  Mac's Music Stores (Heme Bay)
  Mac's Music(Craigavon)
  Macaris Ltd
  Machinehead Music Ltd
  Mackay Music
  Mad Monks Music Co
  Madcap Music
  Maestro Music
  Maestro Music Ltd
  Maestro's Music
  Magic Music
  Magnet Hire
  Make Music (Hoddesdon)
  Make Music (Kettering)
  Make Music (Ware)
  Making Music (North Shields)
  Malcolm Tysoe Musical Instruments
  Manana Music
  Mancini's Music
  Mannings Musicals
  Manns Music Shop
  Mansons Guitar Shop
  Mantilla Music
  Marcus Music
  Marcus Musical Instruments Ltd
  Marcus Weeks
  Margin Music
  Market Music
  Marks Music
  Marks Musical Instruments Ltd
  Martin Cole Guitars
  Martin Phelps Music
  Maryport Musical Instruments
  Matchetts Musical Instruments (Bedford Street Belfast)
  Matchetts Musical Instruments (Wellington Place Belfast)
  Matchetts Musical Instruments Ltd
  Matthew Coltman
  Max Grump
  MCc Studios
  McCormack's Music Ltd
  Mckay Sound and Music
  McMeekins Music Ltd
  MDM Music Store
  Mel Tone
  Melody Box
  Melody Works
  Merben Music
  Merchant City Music Ltd
  Merthyr Sound and Light
  Mev Taylor's Music
  Mews Music
  Michael Morgan Musical Instruments
  Michael White
  Mickleburgh Ltd
  Mid Air Music Ltd
  Mid Wales Music Centre
  Middle Eight Music Centre
  Mike's Music
  Mikes Music Ltd
  Mill Hill Music Mart Ltd
  Mill Music
  Millennium Music
  Millington Music
  Mills Music
  Milton Keynes Piano Workshop
  Mister Pinks Acoustic Guitar Shop
  MM Music
  Mobile Music
  Modern Music
  Modus Music
  Mojo Guitars
  Mole Music
  Monmouth Music Box
  Montana Leather Music
  Moon Dog Guitars Ltd
  Mor Music Ltd
  Moran Sound
  Morgan's Music
  Morlings Ltd
  Mostyn Music
  Mounts Bay Music
  Mouse Music
  Mr Drums
  Mr Music
  Music 2000
  Music 47
  Music 90
  Music and Leisure Scotland Ltd
  Music and Memories
  Music and More
  Music Bay Folkestone
  Music Bay Herne Bay
  Music Box
  Music Bros (Shrewsbury)
  Music Bros (Telford)
  Music Business Plus
  Music Cellar
  Music Central
  Music Centre
  Music City
  Music Co
  Music Corner
  Music Corner Ltd
  Music Direct
  Music Exchange Manchester Ltd
  Music Factory Uk
  Music for Granted
  Music For Starters
  Music Galleria Ltd
  Music Ground (London)
  Music Ground (Manchester)
  Music House
  Music In Print (Hull)
  Music In Print (Warrington)
  Music In Print Ltd (Dundee)
  Music In The Yard
  Music Incorporated
  Music Inn Instruments
  Music is Life
  Music King
  Music Major
  Music Maker
  Music makers (Bristol)
  Music Makers (Colwyn Bay)
  Music Makers (Lincoln)
  Music Mania
  Music Mania
  Music Market Ltd
  Music Matters (Lisburn)
  Music Matters (Maidstone)
  Music Mayhem
  Music Mayhem Ltd
  Music Music Music
  Music Plus Ltd
  Music Postbox
  Music Shop
  Music Stand Witney
  Music Supplies
  Music Supplies Ltd
  Music Technology
  Music Technology and Cornwall Drum Centre
  Music Unlimited
  Music Warehouse (Priory Street Colchester)
  Music Warehouse (St John Street Colchester)
  Music World (Armagh)
  Music World (Ipswich)
  Musical Enterprises
  Musical Instrument Repairs and Sales Ltd
  Musical Instruments and Repairs
  Musical Instruments of Quality
  Musical Lines
  Musical Swap Shop
  Musical warehouse
  Musical World Ltd
  Musicale Ltd
  Musically Yours
  Musician Shop (Greenhithe)
  Musician shop (Leicester)
  Musicians Centre
  Musicland (Canterbury)
  Musicland (Cardiff)
  Musicland (Romford)
  Musicland Ltd (Bromley)
  Musisca Ltd
  Muso Scotland Ltd
  Must Have Music
  Muswell Hill
  Muzo Net Ltd
  P A Audio
  P D Music
  P J Music
  P J Tan and Son Violins
  P S S Music Ltd
  P Vel String Instruments
  Party Sounds
  Patrick Reed Music
  Paul Balmer Violins
  Pauls Music Shop
  Paves Repair Services
  Pavilion Violins
  Peach Guitars
  Penny Lane Music Shop
  Pentland Music
  Percussion House
  Perfect Pitch
  Pete Oakley Music
  Peter Norris Music
  Peter Ratcliff Violins
  Peter Tyler Double Basses
  Peter Voigt Ltd
  Peter Webber Hire Ltd
  Peter Wright
  Peterborough Music
  Philip Kennedy Professional Piano Technician
  Phoenix Soundworks
  Piano Portfolio (Ipswich)
  Piano Portfolio (Norfolk)
  Piano Removals
  Picks Sticks Strings and Things
  piedog com
  Pilgrim harps
  Pizzazz Retail Ltd
  PJ's Guitar Centre Ltd
  PJS Music Services
  PK Music Exchange
  Planet Guitars
  Planet Music
  Play Record net Ltd
  Play Time Music
  PMC Music
  Pocklington Music
  Polar Flame Music
  Poole Music Centre
  Poole Percussion
  Portass Carter
  Portobello Music
  Practice Pad
  Prelude Music Sales
  Price Music Ltd Trevor
  Professional Music Technology (Northampton)
  Professional Music Technology (Oxford)
  Professional Music Technology (Romford)
  Professional Music Technology (Southend-On-Sea)
  Professional Percussion
  Project Music
  Promenade Music
  Providence Music Ltd
  Prozone Music Ltd
  Purple Turtle Music
  R and B Music (Aberdeen)
  R and B Music (Crewe)
  R and T Music
  R Claridge
  R G M Music
  R J T Moore
  R L Music
  R S Bown
  R S T Music Services
  RA Music
  Rae Macintosh Music
  Rage Music
  Rainbow Music
  Rattle and Drum Ltd
  Ray McLeod
  Ray Ramsey Violins
  Read Franklin and Heywood Ltd
  Real Time Music Ltd
  Realridge Ltd
  Record Corner
  Red House Music
  Red Lion Music Shop
  Regent Guitars and Tuition
  Reidy's Home Of Music
  Relative Sound
  Repercussion Music Co
  Requena Spanish Guitars
  Restalls Ltd
  RHSM School of Music Media and Technology
  Rhythm and Light
  Rhythm Base Ltd
  Rhythm Promotions Ltd
  Rich Mr Sax Ltd
  Richard Behrend Brass Specialist
  Richmond Music Shop Ltd
  Ridgefield Guitars
  Rikaxxe Music
  Rikkis Music Shop
  Rimmers Music (Blackpool)
  Rimmers Music (Bolton)
  Rimmers Music (Preston)
  Rimmers Music (Southport)
  Rimmers Music Ltd (Blackburn)
  Ripon City Music
  Ritz Music
  Roadhouse Music Store
  Roadshow Music
  Robert Greenlee
  Robin Hood Music
  Rock and Roll Music Ltd
  Rock Around the Clock
  Rock Box
  Rock Electronics
  Rock Electronics
  Rock Factory
  Rock Ola Music Co
  Rock Solid Guitars and Drums Ltd
  Rock Steady Music
  Rock To Recitel
  Rockem Music Ltd
  Rockstop Music Ltd
  Rocky Road Distribution Ltd
  Rocky Road Music
  Roger's Music
  Roland Pianos (at Leekes of Melksham)
  Roland UK Ltd
  Ron Woodhall Organ Centres
  Ron's Music
  Rose Morris Musical Instruments
  Rosehill Instruments
  Ross Music Box
  Route 66
  Rowlands Music
  Rowlands Music and Telynau Vining Harps
  Rugeley Music Box
  Rushden Music
  Russell Acott Ltd
  RWJ Drumstore
  S and J Music
  Salop Music Centre (Shrewsbury)
  Salop Music Centre (Telford)
  Salvi Harps Ltd
  Samson Music
  San Domenico Stringed Instruments
  Sarum Guitars
  Saturn Music
  Saunders Recorders
  sax co uk
  Saxophone and Clarinet Hire
  Scarborough Music
  Scarborough Rock
  Scayles Music
  Scorestore Music Ltd
  Scream Studios (Brighton)
  Scream Studios (Croydon)
  Seaton Music
  Second Chance
  Serenade for Strings
  Seven Dials Music
  Shake Rattle and Roll
  Sharon Music Ashford
  Sharon Music Gillingham
  Sharon Music Maidstone
  Sharps and Flats
  Sheehans Music Services
  Sheet Music Hound Ltd
  Sheet Music Mega Store
  Sheffield Music Shop
  Sherborne Sound
  Shifnal Music
  Shop of the World
  Signet Music
  Simon Dubber
  Simply Guitars
  Simply Music
  Simply Strings Ltd
  Singleton's Sheet Music Mail Order
  Skipton Music Emporium
  Skye Music Shop
  Skylark Guitars
  Skyline Guitars
  Snakey Jake's Custom Amplification
  Socodi Music Ltd
  Solo Music Superstore
  Song and Groove
  Soubeyran Violins
  Sound and Light Electronics
  Sound Attak Ltd
  Sound Control (Birmingham)
  Sound Control (Bristol)
  Sound Control (Dundee)
  Sound Control (Dunfermline)
  Sound Control (Edinburgh)
  Sound Control (Glasgow West)
  Sound Control (Leeds City)
  Sound Control (Leicester)
  Sound Control (London)
  Sound Control (Manchester Salford)
  Sound Control (Newcastle)
  Sound Control (Norwich)
  Sound Control (Sheffield East)
  Sound Control (Stockton)
  Sound Control (Stoke)
  Sound World
  Soundgear Music Gt Yarmouth
  Soundline Audio Solutions
  Soundmove Music
  Soundpad Barnstaple
  Soundpad Torquay
  Sounds Great Music
  Sounds Live Newcastle Ltd
  Sounds Music
  Sounds Musical
  Sounds of Frome
  Sounds Plus
  Soundtec Repair Services
  South London Music
  South Wales Band Supplies
  South Wales Music Exchange
  South Wales Piano Warehouse
  Southampton Drumzone
  Southern Percussion
  Southside Music
  Southwest Sound and Light
  Spanish Guitar Centre
  Spectre Sound Ltd
  Spectrum Music
  Speed Music (Newport)
  Speed Music (Swansea)
  Spider Music Ltd (Llanelli)
  Spider Music Ltd (Swansea)
  St Albans Music Centre
  St Andrews Art and Music Shop
  St Georges Music Shop
  ST Giles Music
  Stagebeat Ltd
  Stamford Music Shop
  Status Graphite
  Steel City Guitars
  Stephen Sedgewick Luthier
  Steve White Drums
  Steven Droy Concert Piano Tuner
  Steven James Guitars Ltd
  Sticks and Strings
  Sticks and Strings and Things Ltd
  Street Level
  Street Life Musical Retail Ltd
  Street Music
  Strictly Strings
  Strings by Post
  Strings Direct
  Strings Guitar Centre
  Strings N Things
  Stringstocks Ltd
  Stringworks Orchestral Stringed Instrument Specialist
  Strummin Monkeys
  Strung Out Guitars
  Stuart Audio
  Stuart Simms Stringed Repairs
  Sunderland Music
  Surrey Music Store
  Surrey Strings Instrument Specialists
  Sutton And Banstead Music (Banstead)
  Sutton and Banstead Music (Sutton)
  Sutton Music Centre
  Swade Music
  Swift Music
  Symphony Music and Technology Centre
  Synch Music Direct
  T K Music
  T M T
  T W Howarth and Co Ltd
  T2 Music Enterprises
  Tadley Instruments
  Take Two Music
  Talkin Headz
  Tandy's Music Shack
  Tanglewood Guitar Co
  Tarquin Bolton Violins
  Teampro Music
  Tech Mate (Stownmarket)
  Tech mate UK (Colchester)
  Ted Brewer Electric Violins
  Ted Turner Music
  Teenage Kicks
  Tema Music Ltd
  Templar Pianos
  Terry's Music Stall
  The Accordion Shop (Rochdale)
  The Accordion Shop (Sunningdale)
  The Acoustic Music Co
  The Bristol Violin Shop
  The City Music Workshop
  The Complete Guitarist
  The Dorset Music House
  The Drum Centre (Leicester)
  The Drum Centre (Nothampton)
  The Drum Place (Stevenage)
  The Drum Shop (Gatehead)
  The Drums and Percussion Centre
  The Dukes Music
  The Exchange
  The Full Octave Ltd
  The Gallery
  The Gig Bag
  The Glastonbury Music Shop
  The Guitar and Amp and Keyboard Centre
  The Guitar and Amp Shop
  The Guitar and Music Centre
  The Guitar Centre
  The Guitar Doctor
  The Guitar Loft
  The Guitar Shack
  The Guitar Shop (Beverley)
  The Guitar Shop (Newcastle)
  The Guitar Shop (Worcester)
  The Guitar Spot
  The Guitar Store
  The Guitar Works Ltd
  The Guitar Workshop (Ibstock,)
  The Guitar Workshop (Sevenoaks)
  The Highland Gathering
  The Leading Note
  The Music Box (Didot)
  The Music Box (Oxford)
  The Music Box (Sheffield)
  The Music Box Penzance
  The Music Centre
  The Music Co
  The Music Dept
  The Music House
  The Music Hut
  The Music King
  The Music Makers
  The Music Man
  The Music People
  The Music Place
  The Music Shed
  The Music Stall
  The Music Station (Bridgend)
  The Music Station (Inverness)
  The Music Station (Swansea)
  The Music Stop
  The Music Technology Store
  The Music Trade Ltd
  The Music Trading Co
  The Musicians Centre
  The New Raymond Wallbank Music Store and Studios
  The Pickup Joint within The Land Of Green Ginger
  The Powerhouse
  The Rhythm House
  The Rock House
  The Rock Room
  The Saxophone Man Sales and Rental
  The Sound and Light Company
  The Sound Garden
  The Stallion Music Co Ltd
  The Vintage DrumYard
  The Violin Shop (Bournemouth)
  The Violin Shop (Cupar Fife)
  The Wind Section Limited
  The Woodwind Exchange
  Theme Music
  Thetford Music
  Think Music Ltd
  Tickle Music Hire
  Tim Toft Violins
  Time and Tune Music Blackburn
  Timothy Batchelar
  Titterington Peck Pianos
  Tiverton Music Shop
  Tone Zone Music
  Tones Music Store
  Tony Hart
  Toot Sweet
  Top Note
  Top Wind Flute Shop
  Total Music
  Total Music Company
  Tower Music (Blackpool)
  Tower Music (Stownmarket)
  Tracks Records
  Trad Music
  Traditional Sounds of Samba Ltd
  Treble Clef Music Shop
  Treble Rock Music
  Trent Music Centre
  Trevada Music Ltd
  Trevor Davies Music
  Trevor Durrant Guitar Centre Ltd
  Trevor Jones
  Trevor Keys Music (Ballymena)
  Trevor Keys Music (Londonderry)
  Triangle Pianos Ltd
  True Sound And Visual Presentation Ltd
  Tune Inn
  Turner Violins (Birmingham)
  Turner Violins (Nottingham)
  Twang Guitars
  Twelve Bar Music
  Two Tribes Music

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