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Used and second hand musical instruments for sale on TAF Music - Alphabetical Listing

3 new Vandoren clarinet Bb reeds str 2
3 new Vandoren clarinet Bb reeds str 2 and half
31 string student clarsach harp made by Starfish
34 string harp
36 string lever harp
43 String Pedal Harp - Tecwyn Jones
Boosey & Hawkes A Clarinet
Boosey Hawke flute Emperor 538223
Camac Bardic 22 Gut Strung Lever Harp
Children’s violin 1/2 size
Loredo guitar model 5852 made in Japan
Marlin MW05 Acoustic Guitar
Pilgrim Harps 34 String Clarsach - Needs Restrung
Quarter size violin
Red Lorenzo guitar
Roland D20 Keyboard
Tanglewood FST32 Outlaw Stat copy guitar