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Used and second hand musical instruments for sale on TAF Music - Alphabetical Listing

3 new Vandoren clarinet Bb reeds str 2
3 new Vandoren clarinet Bb reeds str 2 and half
3/4 size Violin German c.1880's
4/4 German Violin
Antique Maidstone 4/4 Violin Set by John Murdock Ltd London. Play ready.
B & H Edgware A clarinet
B flat and A Boosey and Hawkes clarinets
Bam Trekking Double Case
Beautiful Full-size French Violin
Besson 35 Bb Clarinet with case
Breton Brevete, French, Full Size (4/4) with bow and case
Buffet And Crampon E13 Bb Clarinet
Buffet clarinet
Buffet Crampon Bass Clarinet Case (Low C)
Buffet E11 B flat Clarinet
Buffet E11 Bb Clarinet
Buffet E13 Bb Clarinet
Buffet E13 Bflat clarinet
Buffet Eb Soprano Clarinet
Buffet R13 b Flat Clarinet
Caswells Maestro three quarter size violin outfit in excellent condition
clarinet Buffet E13
Clarinet F Arthur Uebel bflat classic
Clarinet: Buffet E13 with case. Excellent condition.
Copie de Antonius Stradiuarius Violin
E flat clarinet - Ward and Winterbourn
Eastern European Violin early 20th century
Fender acoustic guitar
French Violin c 1860-70
Full size violin
GAM double clarinet back pack case Bb and A.
German Full Size 1920s Violin
German violin and bow
Hanson T5 Bb Clarinet
JP223 Eb Clarinet as new
LAFLEUR Clarinet
Loredo guitar model 5852 made in Japan
Lovely Antique German 4/4 Violin
Luigi salsedo violin made in 1926
Maidstone Antique 3/4 Violin By John Murdock London, Play ready.
Marlin MW05 Acoustic Guitar
One eighth Violin for children 4 or 5 years old
Pair of Buffet Crampon Clarinets B flat and A
Red Lorenzo guitar
Roderich Paesold 802 Violin
Roland D20 Keyboard
Salvi Daphne 40 String pedal harp
Selmer Bundy Bass Clarinet
SELMER PARIS Professional Clarinet
Silver bodied Intermediate Peal Flute PF-765
Stentor student 1 Size one eighth Violin bow and case
Tanglewood FST32 Outlaw Stat copy guitar
Vintage Aristone archtop jazz guitar
Violin Full Size Replica Strad
Violin made inTrafford, Manchester in1988.
Wolff Brothers Violin 1886 full size with case and bow
Yamaha 650 Bb Clarinet for sale as new
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